And We’re Off!

After writing the blog, Mom’s Monday Memo, for over three years, I’ve decided to try something new. Today’s the first day of Empty Nest Full Suitcase, a blog that will focus on travel, with a broad definition of travel. In addition to writing about multi-day trips, I’ll also be writing about one day adventures, daycations, as well as hiking and biking trails, special events and adventures on the water.

We’re John and Dee, a recently retired couple living in central Florida, enjoying the time in our lives post child-rearing as empty nesters with more time for adventures near and far.

We enjoy time in our home state of Florida visiting state and national parks, attending sporting events, festivals and enjoying the state’s natural beauty.

You’ll also find us on the road farther away from home. Trips to Virginia, Washington, DC, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Alabama and a road trip up the east coast to Maine kept us busy in 2015. Who knows where 2016 and beyond will lead?


We even managed a few days in British Columbia, Canada in 2015 and are already dusting off our passports for a few days in Toronto as well as a trip to the Netherlands and Iceland.


Camping, fishing, hiking, biking and spending time on the water sailing, kayaking or in a motor boat rounds out our days with bags packed and ready to meet the adventures that lie ahead.


If you are new to this blog or were a reader of Mom’s Monday Memo, we hope you’ll enjoy Empty Nest Full Suitcase. Please leave comments and let us know what you think about the layout, the topics and feel free to offer suggestions. We’d love to hear from readers.


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