WST: Hernando to Floral City

It’s hard to believe that as many times as we’ve ridden the Withlacoochee State Trail (WST) that we’d never ridden the section from Hernando to Inverness. But after a couple of friends told us about a hamburger place in Hernando, we were motivated to take another ride on the WST.


Like the rest of the trail, this portion is flat and mostly shady, but we also found some wacky sites Florida is so well known for. Less than two miles into the ride we came across a glass shop that creates art from bottles, mostly blue bottles. Bottle trees. Bottle flowers. Even bottle art with a bicycle and across the street, a large pink elephant.


Our plan for the day was to ride more than twenty miles so we didn’t stop at Inverness, but instead continued to Floral City on a beautiful springlike day.


Seeing a gopher tortoise along the trail is not unusual, but we saw our first bluebird on one of the many birdhouses that line the trail.


For some reason I struggled on this ride. Before reaching Floral City I was tired and riding slower than usual. Fortunately the thought of a burger at the end of the ride kept me going. Located just north of the Hernando trailhead Burger Station delivered tasty burgers as promised.

It’s amazing that I’ll ride 24 miles for a burger.

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