Spring Break = Spring Training


My first spring training experience occurred during Spring Break the year we moved to Pompano Beach. The Washington Senators drew huge crowds anxious to see the Cy Young award winning pitcher, Denny McLain, and the team’s coach, the legendary Ted Williams.

Then as a high school student at Pompano Beach High School, it wasn’t unusual to return to the student parking lot after lunch to find no available spaces. Our student parking lot was across the street from Pompano Municipal Stadium, the spring home of the Texas Rangers. And despite the fact students purchased parking passes, our lot was too tempting to baseball fans anxious to watch their teams in action. From February until the first pitch of opening day, Spring Training was a way of life.

With two weeks remaining in the MLB spring training season, there’s a lot of baseball on the calendar. Fifteen teams will be competing in cities from Kissimmee to Clearwater to Jupiter to Ft. Myers…but no longer in Pompano. In the final thirteen days of the Grapefruit League season, 83 games will be played (click here for the schedule), so there’s plenty of time to see a couple of the teams in action.


For complete details on Florida Grapefruit League games at your fingertips, you can download the app which includes detailed information about teams including the daily schedule.

Check the schedule and catch a game! After all, in Florida, Spring Break = Spring Training.




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