Azalea Trail

Since we would be meeting our daughter in Palatka on Monday to return her dog after a weekend of dog sitting, we decided to spend some time at Ravine Gardens State Park. It seemed like a good opportunity to take a hike in the garden known for its azaleas.


Unlike most Florida parks, the trails at Ravine Gardens include stairs to accommodate the step drops along the ravine as well as a couple of suspension bridges. The trail also commemorates William Bartram’s eighteenth century travels in Florida.


We decided on the Azalea Trail instead of the Spring Trail in hopes of being immersed in flowers. We certainly saw our share of blooming plants along the trail, but we obviously missed the peak season.


On March 4-6, the park held its annual Azalea Days festival, the 70th year of this event. From what we saw, the festival was timed perfectly for the maximum color from their more than 100,000 flowering plants.


Even on the Azalea Trail, we passed the spring, a stream and pond.


And how does a tree grow like this? Looking for a short, two mile trail that’s in a beautiful and unusual setting? Then Ravine Gardens Park may be the place for you.



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