Bike Art

Parked in front of the Tax Collector’s Office in Palatka, I noticed a painted bike with flowers in the basket across the street so I jumped out of the car to get a better look.


As I turned to go back to the car I saw another bike down the street so of course I decided to investigate further.


Across the street, a blue bike with a basket full of flowers. And further down, more bikes.


I had gone down a rabbit hole looking for the brightly painted bicycle planters adding a little fun to downtown Palatka.


Several children’s bikes and tricycles were included in the bike art.


There were even a few that looked like they were still works in progress, either lacking plants or paint.


Finally I came across an interesting bike rack with a boldly painted message:

Bike Palatka


This is a city ready to embrace the Palatka-Lake Butler Trail under development as well as the Palatka-St. Augustine Trail. Or maybe they’re just preparing for the upcoming Palatka Bicycle Festival on April 9-10. In any case, the bikes got my attention.

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