TBT: D.C. Field Trip

In early spring 2001, Emily joined classmates on an 8th grade field trip to New York City and Washington, D.C. Here, she and her friends pose in front of the White House, one of the few pictures that survived a camera melt down.


I’m not sure if this field trip was really about exploring two important U.S. cities or if it was about missing school to go on vacation WITH friends and WITHOUT parents. Whatever the reason, I’m glad Emily got to experience both cities before so much changed a few months later.

This week we planned another trip with Emily and Brian. This time to Boston, another iconic U.S. city…can hardly wait.

Any suggestions on what we must do in Boston, in June? Leave a comment and help us plan!


One thought on “TBT: D.C. Field Trip

  1. The Boston Pops was my favorite part of the trip. The Fenway Tour was excellent and of course the Freedom Trail is a must. Check out Groupon for spots along the trail. We enjoyed cupcakes at a great price while exploring historical sites. We wanted to go on a whale watching tour but it was canceled due to rough seas. Have fun!


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