Best Way to End a Monday

We started Monday morning in the car at 7:30 (a half hour later than planned) for a full day of adventures. First stop West Orange Trail for a twenty mile bike ride followed by a stop at Leu Gardens to walk off a big lunch at The Coop. Then a final errand picking up some items from Emily in preparation for her move before the day’s grand finale.

Instead of returning home, we took a detour to the coast and somehow managed to avoid the rain that hammered much of Central Florida as we walked out on the beach at Canaveral National Seashore.

Then on to the main attraction of the afternoon, the Black Point Drive in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in hopes of spotting birds or other critters. No more than we passed the Black Point sign, a large black snake slithered across the road in front of our car. As has been the custom of late, John located a carcass. This time of an animal with an impressive smile.

The rosette spoonbills by far stole the show. Their bright pink feathers creating impressive reflections in the shallow water.


We couldn’t resist waiting a little longer for the sunset, and it was well worth the wait.


As the sun slipped away, we started our journey home, pulling in the drive a little after 10:30. Quite a day.

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