The Red Blob

Some days, you don’t need to leave the comfort of home to find adventure. That’s what happened to us yesterday. Rain, thunder and strong winds kept us home when it seemed we may be under attack.

John called for me to go outside and look out at the lake. A large red cube glided across the water, rapidly approaching our house.


My first thought: a bounce house on the loose had blown into the lake. What with all the stories about children going airborne in these contraptions, I wondered if we needed to organize a rescue party.

As it got closer, it became obvious the red monster did not house children and then I noticed a second, smaller red cube trailing the larger one, much like the barb of the devil’s tail.


As the large red blob got closer, we identified it as a buoy. An escaped buoy from the west side of the lake where a triathlon was in progress. Hopefully the swimmers weren’t chasing it or the swim portion of the competition was going to be much longer than advertised.


The red cube finally came to rest on our neighbor’s beach where it was rescued a couple of hours later with ominous clouds still looming on the horizon. Once the boat pulled away from the shore, the cube again took charge, acting as a sail with a mind of its own.

I’m not sure if the boat ever really gained control of the buoy, but in any case, they both continued to an unknown destination ready for another triathlon adventure in the morning.


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