Last Friday when looking at the list of “15 Restaurants You Have to Visit in Florida Before You Die,” I realized we’d eaten at one of these restaurants last summer. After a trip to a Repurpose, a junk store full of items looking for a second life, we stopped in Satchel’s.


Satchel’s really was the perfect place to eat that day since it continued the repurposed junk theme. Where else do you find a plane in the parking lot? In fact, a water wheel made of recycled items and a variety of signs also make for a unique parking area which encourages guests to take photos among the stuff.


Old vans have been repurposed as dining areas, although we chose more traditional inside seating. We ordered pizza, their specialty, for lunch.


We also tried a flight of Satchel’s homemade sodas: Lola Cola, Ruby Root Beer, Lennie Lemon Lime, Ginnie Ginger Ale, Emma Lemma Lemonade and Stevie Z Zero Calorie Cola. John and I agreed the root beer received the top score.


Although we passed on dessert, we enjoyed clicking through the photos of sweets on the view finder. I can’t believe I didn’t try a piece of chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting! I don’t usually exercise that much restraint.


Satchel’s certainly fits the bill as a fun and unique dining experience. The pizza is tasty, but there are many places to eat pizza as good or better than Sachel’s. It’s the atmosphere and the quirky homemade sodas that earns a place on the Florida restaurant list.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring cash! Satchel’s doesn’t accept plastic (although they do have an ATM tucked away by the restrooms for those dependent on cards).



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