That Smells Good?!?

After spending the day at Everglades National Park, we drove to the coast for a sunset walk. Anticipating an attack by mosquitoes, I grabbed the can of Off from the driver’s car door and started spraying. That’s when John said, “That smells good.”

Those words made me wonder, how bad must I smell for my husband to comment about the aroma of insect repellent?


The other comment he makes regularly after a bike ride or hike, “How’s my hair look?” To which I always respond, “Fine.”

So the other day when I gave my usual answer to the hair question, he said, “You’re just humoring me, aren’t you?”

“No, your hair looks fine. Just look at mine. Anything better that my helmet or hat hair is fine.”

The smell of Off and bad hair. That describes a good day after 40 years together.

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