Sunrise Sunset 2016: 4 Down 12 To Go

For the fourth year, we’ve watched the sunrise on the east coast of Florida and then on the same day watched it set on the west coast.

The morning began with a short drive from our campground to a public park next to the Deering Estate, and as usual, we started the day with rain drops. What is it about our sunrise adventures that bring the rain?

Fortunately, the rain ended by the time we reached the park, but heavy clouds muted the colors of the sun as it peeked over Biscayne Bay.

After wandering south through the Florida Keys, we rode bikes the final five miles to Mallory Square to avoid the traffic and parking nightmares. As always, hundreds, maybe thousands, gathered in the square entertained by musicians and jugglers awaiting the sun’s farewell.


We walked through the crowds and carnival atmosphere before settling at the Weston where we found a more comfortable viewing area, and then with drinks in hand, took some photos of a beautiful sunset.

That makes 4 down and 12 to go on our list of 16 in 16.

2013: South Beach and Naples Pier

2014: Canaveral National Seashore and Clearwater Beach

2015: St. Augustine Beach and Cedar Key

2016: Miami’s Biscayne and Key West

Where will 2017 take us? We’re open for suggestions!

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