A Taste of Heaven at Blue Heaven?

We’re on a roll when it comes to eating at the 15 Restaurants You Have to Visit in Florida Before You Die. Last week we managed to not only visit but eat at the southernmost restaurant on the list, Blue Heaven, in Key West.

Known for their Key Lime Pie, that’s what we ordered at Blue Heaven Thursday afternoon following six hours on the water sailing, snorkeling and kayaking. When the pie arrived at the table, it didn’t look like any key lime pie I’d eaten before.


Standing a good eight inches tall, the  meringue topping nearly hid the filling for which the pie’s named, but it certainly was an impressive looking dessert. We dove right in and found the lime filling tasty but not quite as tart as we prefer, and while the meringue was delicious, it overwhelmed the tangy lime we love.


Most of all, at $9.50, for a single slice , Blue Heaven’s key lime pie was overpriced. Of course, it’s in Key West so that’s not a big surprise.

The food served to the diners around us looked and smelled wonderful and the atmosphere of Blue Heaven was all about fun. However, for a REALLY good piece of key lime pie, I’d suggest you try Shorty’s, a BBQ place in Miami. No fancy decor. No meringue. No Key West prices. Just a good, tangy slice of key lime pie with delicious graham cracker crust (that’s not tinted green for tourists) served to diners seated at picnic tables for $4.00.


Blue Heaven’s a fun, quirky place to eat in South Florida, but you can do better when it comes to key lime pie.

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