Tdap Time

A gift of children’s books and a card announced the arrival of our first grandchild this fall. An exciting time indeed.

Later that week I watched that awful ad on television in which the loving grandmother turns into the big bad wolf exposing her grandchild to whooping cough. The message: get the pertussis vaccination to protect newborns.


After a little research, I discovered we could get the Tdap at our local pharmacy. No prescription required. Simply fill out a few forms, show your insurance card and in less than 15 minutes you’ll no longer be a danger to babies.

As a bonus this combo vaccine includes the shot for both tetanus and diphtheria. With bike riding, hiking, camping, boating and traveling, it definitely makes sense to be immunized for tetanus, and John and I were way overdue for this shot.

And just as I think we’ve got it covered, the pharmacist asks if we’ve had the pneumonia shot. After declaring he’s taken care of it, John calls me out on that one so I’m scheduled for a return visit.


At least there’s a reward since a good patient deserves a reward for being so brave. One Nestles Crunch bar for the road.

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