Do You You Know How to Shift?

When I called Segrud at Snail Motorhome Rental in Iceland in January, her first question: Do you know how to shift? You know, a manual transmission?

It seems this is the determining factor as to whether you are qualified to rent one of their vehicles.


Fortunately, I could answer yes. Both John and I bought our first cars in the 1970s when gas prices soared, more than tripling in just a few years. We both chose manual transmission cars as more fuel efficient options. He drove a small Toyota pickup, and I relied on a VW Rabbit.


Our experiences with those vehicles more than thirty years ago insured we qualified as drivers of a Snail campervan. And like riding a bike, driving a manual transmission is something you never forget. A couple of wobbles, but otherwise, off to see the Icelandic countryside.


Before you head to Iceland, brush up on your shifting skills or if needed, learn how to drive a manual transmission. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck on a bus with dozens of passengers clogging your route instead of standing solo watching a geysir erupt.


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