Happy or Not

What a pleasure moving through Keflavik Airport! Although security measures are in place, arrival and drop off at the front door was a breeze. Like the Sanford International Airport, its small size makes it possible for a more laid back drop off without fear of being mangled by cars dodging in and out  of the drop off lane.



I dreaded the check in process because Icelandair rejected my early, online check in with a message: Report to Icelandair desk at airport to resolve issue.

Before going to the desk, I tried the self check kiosk only to get the same message. Airline personnel would be required to obtain a boarding pass. What a wonderful surprise when I realized that the dreaded long line consisted of only the two of us!

I’m not sure why the hold up but in less than five minutes, the problem was resolved, luggage checked and boarding passes in hand. That’s when we passed the first Happy or Not rating kiosk. How was your check in?


Dark green smiley face x 2

After Security (with no need to remove boots), another Happy or Not kiosk.


Then, a third chance to rate the experience after Passport Control.


I’m not sure how (or if) this information is used by the airport, but I noticed most passengers providing feedback and all of it positive. And despite construction, flying at Keflavik couldn’t be easier. Maybe they’re on to something.

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