Wear your life jacket to work?

You may know that May is Bike Month and yesterday was National Bike to Work Day, but did you know it was also Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day?


Both John and I have participated in Ride Your Bike to Work Day. May really is the perfect time of year to leave the car behind and pedal to work. But since we’ve both retired, there was no work location to which we could ride this year, so instead we rode the trails at the Greenway for a little exercise.


On our way home from our ride, I heard a story on the radio about Friday being Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day. That’s a new one for me, but I guess it makes sense to draw attention to the importance of boat safety and wearing life jackets with summer approaching. The event kicked off National Safe Boating Week which begins today and runs through May 27th.

I can’t say that I saw anyone wearing life jackets while I was out and about yesterday, but maybe next year we’ll go for a bike ride wearing life jackets. That should turn a few heads.

And regardless if you’re riding bikes or boating, be safe!

If you wore a life jacket to work yesterday or know someone who did, I’d love to hear about the reaction.

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