Back up your pictures…again!

Last week a friend told me she had accidentally deleted all of the pictures on her phone. Two years worth of pictures. Every picture she had taken of her granddaughter. She was heartbroken. She wanted to know if I had any suggestions on how she might be able to recover the missing photos.

I asked if she’d ever backed them up on her computer. No, she didn’t trust her computer. It was on its last legs.

Did you back up to the cloud? No, she said. She doesn’t really understand the cloud and didn’t know if she trusted it.

My only suggestion. Call your cell phone carrier and ask if they could help. A long shot, but better than nothing.

What, lose all travel pictures? And family pictures from 2010 to present?

I thought at the time how upset I’d be if I lost all of my pictures. I currently have over 3000 on my phone and just last month before going on a long trip, I’d moved 15,000 pictures from my phone to my computer so I wouldn’t run out of memory while on vacation. I’d also saved thousands of pictures in the cloud. No, I don’t really understand the cloud either, but I know that I’ve used the cloud to restore contacts, pictures and apps when I’ve purchased a new phone. It seems like a good back up plan.

No pictures of lighthouses? Oregon? Washington? Vancouver?

Then Saturday when I tried to access my pictures so I could add some to a blog post, I found a message stating photos could not be accessed due to corrupted files. PANIC!

What would I do without all the selfies and ussies?

A Google search suggested trying to access photos through iPhoto, and fortunately I found most of my photos. Not all, but most, just missing 2016. The 2016 pictures were the ones hanging out in the cloud. Safe and sound. Disaster avoided.

Sunday was spent backing up the files to a USB drive. A tedious task of copying pictures, making new folders and saving on another device. I’ll add them to a portable hard drive as well because I’ve come to realize that no single back up plan is full proof.



I also realize that I need to clean up my picture files. Last summer I threw out thousands of printed photographs. Now it’s time to start going through my digital photos and deleting, organizing and editing. A good task to occupy rainy summer afternoons.

2 thoughts on “Back up your pictures…again!

  1. Great suggestions….and remember , if you upload to Snapfish they are saved there as well!! Dont even have to print them. You can even share your albums with friends, too!


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