TBT: No Problems

Dating back to its construction, our house has been dubbed “No Problems”. This refers to the predictable response of the contractor who built the house in the early 1970s. Every time my father-in-law would call from Miami to check the building progress, he heard the familiar words, no problems.

However, during the month May, the house/property has not lived up to its name. First, a power outage killed the router leaving us with no Internet access. Then the transmission blew on our ten year old riding mower leaving John to rely on the old school push mower we just so happen to be storing for our daughter.


And as my Mom says, bad news always comes in threes…so of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised when the washing machine backed up in the shower. We’ll soon be the proud owners of a new septic tank and drain field. Hurrah!


I can safely say that John and I are looking forward to returning to the days of No Problems.

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