Be on your best behavior!

It’s amazing how many times we run into people we know when traveling. On one trip to New York City we saw neighbors at the breakfast buffet in the hotel in which we stayed, friends from church at a Broadway play, our daughter’s friends in Time Square, and then flew back  on a plane with the family of a former student.

We’ve seen people we know at the beach, at a campground in North Carolina and on a river trip.


A week ago today, it happened again. A woman came over to our table in the hotel restaurant in Niagara Falls asking, “Mr. McCollum?”

The parents of a student John knew from Osceola Middle School asked if they could take a picture with him so they could show their daughter who they saw on vacation. Of course, he’d pose for a picture. And while they were taking his picture, I photographed them taking it as a reminder that it’s important to be on your best behavior, even when you’re a thousand miles from home.

So is it just us or have you run in to people you know while on vacation?

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