TBT: 250 Years of Teaching

What better way to celebrate a new school year than by gathering with other retired educators for a first week of school lunch. Friends from over thirty-five years with more than 250 years of combined service in the Marion County joined us at the same location where we’ve hosted end of year staff parties since 1984. Of course, we missed several who were traveling, because after all, we can now travel on our own schedules instead of relying on the school calendar.

After seeing all of the first day of school pictures posted yesterday, we decided to take our own version.


John ended his career at Osceola Middle School, the same school where my teaching career began, and a place both Karen and Doug made their marks.


John and I not only both taught at Stanton-Weirsdale, but we taught there together with Leasa.


We were also both at Ward-Highlands, but at different times. John worked with Kay and I worked there with Doug.


John, Leasa and Kay were all members of the South Ocala staff in the ’80s.


And then John joined forces with both Karen and Kay at Shady Hill.


While not there together, John and Doug were Reddick Collier Mustangs.


Somehow John, Maureen and Doug spent over twenty years at Oakcrest, but none of them were ever on campus at the same time.


Then Doug and I came back together at Ocala Springs where we teamed up with Maureen and Lisa.


And finally Lisa introduced me to the virtual world of education where we taught together my final five years, and while Lisa doesn’t qualify as a retiree, she joined us for lunch between student calls. We want to provide good retirement mentors for her.

This is the way to spend the first week of school.

8 thoughts on “TBT: 250 Years of Teaching

  1. I love this post!!! The pictures are great and the school history!!! Lots of familiar faces…..so glad you are all enjoying retirement!!!


  2. I enjoyed reading about your “first day of school” reunion. What a great idea. My wife and I are planning on retiring from our teaching professions this school year; mine of 42 years. This being my last year, I though of it as a momentous one and decided to record my thoughts at oneyeartoretirement.wordpress.com. How did your last year go?


    1. My last year teaching verified that I made the right decision. A new boss, new mandates, an additional course added to my schedule for the final semester…not a pleasant year, but I made it to the final day of the school year. I haven’t looked back and have no regrets about my decision to retire. It’s been a wonderful 18 months! Best of luck on your final year and all the “lasts” you’ll mark, and then enjoy your retirement.


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