Sunrise Sunset 2016: 4 Down 12 To Go

For the fourth year, we’ve watched the sunrise on the east coast of Florida and then on the same day watched it set on the west coast.

The morning began with a short drive from our campground to a public park next to the Deering Estate, and as usual, we started the day with rain drops. What is it about our sunrise adventures that bring the rain?

Fortunately, the rain ended by the time we reached the park, but heavy clouds muted the colors of the sun as it peeked over Biscayne Bay.

After wandering south through the Florida Keys, we rode bikes the final five miles to Mallory Square to avoid the traffic and parking nightmares. As always, hundreds, maybe thousands, gathered in the square entertained by musicians and jugglers awaiting the sun’s farewell.


We walked through the crowds and carnival atmosphere before settling at the Weston where we found a more comfortable viewing area, and then with drinks in hand, took some photos of a beautiful sunset.

That makes 4 down and 12 to go on our list of 16 in 16.

2013: South Beach and Naples Pier

2014: Canaveral National Seashore and Clearwater Beach

2015: St. Augustine Beach and Cedar Key

2016: Miami’s Biscayne and Key West

Where will 2017 take us? We’re open for suggestions!

3 Down; 13 To Go

In 2013, John and I developed a list of 13 things we wanted to do that year. One of the main reasons we developed this list was to make sure we got out and did things instead of wasting away free time just sitting around the house. As a result, we spent Thanksgiving in NYC where we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we watched the sunrise over the Atlantic and the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico in the same day, I caught an 8lb. bass and my first snook and we saw sea turtles hatch on Fernandina Beach.

We enjoyed making and completing a yearly bucket list so much that it’s become a tradition. We checked off the items on our 14 in 14 and 15 in 15 lists the past two years so of course, this year, we’re working on our 16 in 16 list. So far, we attended a Jackson Browne concert and a took a daycation in St. Petersburg.

Last weekend, we completed the third item on this year’s list when we spent the weekend in Miami watching Hurricane baseball. Devoting three days to college baseball between two top ten teams is really just too good to pass up. And of course, since Miami is one of our favorite places, it was really a no brainer to add the Gator v Hurricane baseball series to the list for 2016.

College baseball and world famous milkshakes.

As Hurricane fans, we would have preferred a different outcome on the Friday and Sunday games when the home team’s bats were cold, but Saturday’s game reminded the Gators not to take the team to the south for granted.



This year we not only watched baseball, but since the Hurricanes were hosting the University of Louisville basketball team, we saw two top ACC teams battle in front of the sold out Bank United Center crowd. Our first UM basketball game resulted in a win for the Hurricanes, and it definitely won’t be the last. What a great bonus to our college sports weekend!