Boston: Fun & Games

The past two nights we’ve been watching baseball. Monday’s Homerun Derby and last night’s MLB All-Star game are annual events as well as part of our family traditions.

Last month while in Boston we didn’t attend a Red Sox game, but we did take a tour of Fenway Park.


The Fenway tour isn’t exclusively for baseball fans. The guides are actually storytellers who include tales about the personalities behind the stadium. Tales of team owners, politicians, sportscasters and players.


The tour takes place in the grandstands, in the highly sought after seats atop the famous green wall and in the press box with the tour concluding in the stadium’s museum. A great experience for baseball fans as well as those who just want a peek inside the iconic stadium without being subjected to nine innings of baseball.


Fenway isn’t the only place Bostonians are playing games. One evening we went to Knight Moves a game cafe. It’s nowhere as impressive as Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, but we enjoyed playing Forbidden Dessert and a card game called Exploding Kittens. Nothing says fun like exploding kittens.


Of course there’s opportunities to pose next to symbols of Boston like Larry Bird’s shoes. And what can be more fun than colorfully painted pianos that appear in the most unexpected places just waiting for someone to sit down and play a little ditty.


Boston: a good place for some fun and games (so long as it doesn’t involve the Patriots)!



Happy (Retirement) Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today, marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives called Retirement.

In the course of a year, our bags have been packed as we’ve traveled like never before. In addition to our numerous, traditional day trips, we’ve crisscrossed the continent and got our feet wet in Europe. Looking back, it’s been a wonderful year.

Omaha: College World Series


Northwest Coast: Portland, Seattle, Vancouver


Jacksonville: family weekend


Miami: first week of school celebration


Fall toad trip: stops in Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont


Birmingham: 90th birthday celebration


Miami: college baseball opening


South Florida: National Parks & Keys


Netherlands: bike tour


Iceland: camping


Today, as we begin year two, we fly to Buffalo for another Canadian adventure. First, Niagara Falls and then off to Toronto.

We’ll be keeping our bags packed and go wherever life takes us.