March…the best month of the year

On Tuesday I awoke to the words, “Yes…March…my favorite month of the year.” While fall is my favorite time of the year, John reminds me frequently that he prefers spring, and especially March.

So what is it about March? 

Good month for fishing. The bass are big.

7 pounder caught 3/5/16 

College baseball is back on the calendar.

The clocks spring forward adding an extra hour of sunlight to each afternoon.

The wind pipes up for better sailing.

The warmer weather means more time spent outside.

The smell of orange blossoms fills the air.

Flowers are in bloom.


March Madness brings the best basketball of the year.

Great weather for bicycling.


Perfect time for a trip to the beach.

And of course, it’s his birthday.


March…a pretty terrific month for more bicycling, hiking, sailing, fishing and celebrating a birthday.

TBT: Big Bass

Looking back to February, 2013 fishing on Lake Rousseau. One of the things I wanted to do in 2013 was catch a “big bass”. My definition of a big bass was one that weighed at least eight pounds.


On my first fishing trip of the year with my dad I caught a six pounder, not enough to meet my goal. Then about four weeks later, John and I went out on a cold morning in February and on the last shiner of the day, I reeled in this big bass. Weighing in at exactly eight pounds, it met my goal.

Unfortunately, I haven’t caught another big one since. That may be because I’d rather fish on warmer days, but the big ones seem to be biting on the days when I remain wrapped in blankets in the warmth of my bed. Guess I need to get out on a cold day so I can beat my record.