TBT: There’s No Place Like Home

What a wonderful time we had bicycling in the Netherlands and camping in Iceland, but this picture of Meghan wading in the lake is a great reminder of the piece of paradise waiting just outside our door.


The best things about spending the day at the lake:

  • No need to get in the car to drive anywhere.
  • No need to tough out bad weather…instead wait for the sunshine to return while reading or napping on the porch
  • No need to pack a suitcase; just grab a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat.
  • No tickets to purchase or reservations to make.

Making memories while traveling is wonderful but so are the memories made at home.

Triathlon Florida Keys Style

Ever since we completed the Tamiami Triathlon, an event sponsored by Everglades National Park to encourage visitors to enjoy hiking, bike riding and kayaking in the Everglades, we’ve found more ways to create our own versions of triathlon for non-athletes. No competition or entry fee or awards, just our own plan to bike, hike and paddle.

We didn’t set out to do a freestyle triathlon in the Keys but after kayaking, snorkeling and then hiking over three miles in Key West, we knew we had to bike ride to make it complete.


We started the morning sailing with Danger Charters where we snorkeled in sponge beds and kayaked around Mule Island.

When the boat docked and we disembarked, it was off to Fort Zachary Taylor where we explored the old fort.

This turned into a three mile city hike by the time we traveled from the dock to the fort to Blue Heaven for a little key lime pie snack and then back to our car.


On the way to Long Key State Patk to set up camp, we decided to add a bike ride that evening to catch the sunset on the opposite side of the island – a five mile round trip ride to exit the park and get to an open area for sunset viewing.

Even without a medal, it felt good to accomplish another triathlon and a full day of actively enjoying our surroundings.