It’s Game Day

Yes, it’s International TableTop Day, a day set aside for day-long celebrations of TableTop gaming. Not familiar with the term TableTop games? Well it describes all games played around a table as opposed to those using some sort of gaming device.

Card games, Dice games. Board games. All examples of TableTop gaming.

Events are planned not only throughout the United States, but throughout the world. John and I have never participated in an official event, but instead have pulled games off the shelf and played them at home.

This year we’ll be on the road, and not in a location where we can attend one of the events planned by a game store, restaurant or other group; but we’ll be playing games somewhere.

So what games did we pack in our luggage for TableTop Day (as well as for other down times during our travels)?

Hanabi and Japur, a couple of card games. Zombie Dice and Pass the Pig, both played by scoring points by pressing your luck with one more roll. And Qwirkle, a game of mixing, matching and scoring tiles.

What game will you be playing today?